Actually I really really like me.

(Oh Please skip background :D)

It's around 2 years or 3 years ago.
When that time, I thought I hate me. I didn't like me.
.....I saw this picture before a few minutes ago. Wow, I changed my feeling. I like it. I like this picture and who taken this picture :D.
Now, I'm hating me. I'm lazy people and bored everytime. Especially I failed Something what special to me.
After that time, I lost my energy. I became lazy people. It';s not good. Yes, I know. I know.
I wish I think to me that YOU ARE GOOD.

Now, I feel so goood.
I was loosing weight 8kg. :D
And I'm going to loose weight........5kg..?
Anyway, You did it. You are good.

Writer's Block: Strict Diet
If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Oh my god. Only own food?
I'll certainly choose some food what is chicken.
Yes. It's fried chicken. Or boiled chicken. or roast chicken....
Yes, I like chicken everything.
Yes, It's why I'm NOW fat. But, I don't give up it.
If you say to me you must choose eating fried chicken or skipping meal 3days, I'LL CHOOSE EATING CHICKEN.
(And Nobody say that. I'm lucky (??))

I had a some dream. It's weird. very very weird. I lived some house. It's big. It was made by wood.
There are a lot of people in there. And they lived each rooms.  And atmosphere was gray. (My dream always have gray background). In some room, They had no any electronic energy. It looks like pity. After few minutes, I went to another room. In that, Some people was watching TV about soccer. 


I think they didn't have any meal, water, warm clothes, ...ate. They looks like scruffy people. 
But, They was watching TV. I didn't understand about that. 
And I awoke from sleep.
Sometimes, I had dream like that. I don't feel bad. But, It's weird,isn't it?
By the way, Why my dream always had grey background? I like to dream of funny and shining.

+Spell check is out of order? OTL

Hi. Hello. Hi. Long time no see.
During a week, I was not busy. And I didn't post this site. 
What did I do last week?
No exercise....No study...(and little study japanese)....No read book...
What did I do?
Ah, I registered college. And I met my friends who will test very important.
If I didn't decide something 2 years ago, Maybe, I think I will that test this year.
The test is 2/8. I wish they will get good score.
Actually, If someone fall down the test, I will feel not bod. Yes. I'm basically bad.
That's all right. My friends don't see my journal. Ok. Ok. Gooood.(?)

I knew what is slash. But, Why they use 'slash' as boy's love?

Writer's Block: Year of the Ox
Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Ox starts today. What is your Chinese zodiac animal? Do you think you fit the description of the sign?
Is it Chinese New Year? Please, say it  "And korea New Year (or asia....)"
Anyway, My Chinese zodiac animal is rabbit. ( And I felt very much this holiday :))
I think My zodiac animal fit to me. I don't know What's my zodiac animal's description. 
But, I think It's same my character.(why)

I saw that site. And I read about Rabbit.
.......It's funny. But, It's almost right.
First of all....

Rabbits should work at building more self-confidence and self-worth so they can feel more secure. The desire for remaining in safe, comfortable environments keeps Rabbits from taking risks which sometimes causes them to miss out on good opportunities. 


I had two nightmare. It was terrible.
One is :
I was college student. I sat down chair in classroom. I felt lonely. At that time, Someone said me.
"You got C(or D. I confuse)grade."
Yes. I got C grade in music. I don't know why I learned music and got C grade.
But, It's dream. (I think It's just nightmare). Anyway, I felt down. It' was terrible.  
Why I had nightmare? I know. I know why I had it.
That's why I'm worried about that. In march, I'm going to study in college. And I'm worried about that I'll get C or D grade.
Two is :
.....I don't remember. But, I'm remembering it was terrible.

Always, My feeling is up and down. I hate it.

Writer's Block: Listening In
Even if you're not actively eavesdropping, you can hear some interesting things. What's the best conversation you've ever overheard?
It's interesting. Yes, I'm not actively eavesdropping. But I want to overheard interesting things.
But, When I overheard interesting things, It's bad news. No, Actually, It's not bad news.
Bad new is action of someone.  When i was plodding the building, I overhearded something.
That's good news. My friend got prize. (What prize is I don't know). But, Spoken people hated my friend got prize.
Spoken people and my friend is friends. They are friends. Yes. But, They are not friends.
Why? I understand spoken friend hated that. Yes, Yes. I understand.
But, They....Their face was.....very....very......disgusted at that news.
And I was disgusted at their face. It' was terreble.
So, Sometimes, I think people are basicaly bad.


I feel so bad. My feeling is very bad. I'm tired. Why?
I registrationed college.  And there are no friends in college.
It's problem? DO you think It's really problem? It's big problem in your life?
No way! You are only feared.

I'm plodding around in my life. There are no fun. I have been always worried.
I hate me. I want to change myself. How do i do?
And I'm very hungry.( I only ate breakfast) So, I am sensitive
If you do your best and feel happy yourself, you don't worry about that.

Anyway, I'm going to eat Pizza tomorrow. I'm expected.


Two movie in 2009
I wish to watch two movie in 2009.
One is Night at The Museum 2 : Battle Of The simthsonian.
Two is I come with the rain.
I think I come with the rain is France movie. The diretor is Franch. But, Language is english.
Is this a France movie or english movie...?
Anyway, I can see famous Korean actor and japan actor in that movie.
A weeks ago, I have been losing weight fast. I lost 4kg in a week.
But, NOW......Now......OTL
Why? Yesterday, I excercised 5hours. Why...OTL...

I'm so sad.

This is some blog.
Language? It's Chinese.
And I can't speak and read Chinese all. But, I wish to read this contents. OTL.
And I don't know any automatic translation machine.
This blogger is big author in china. (and asia) ( I like him very much.....)
I have 8 books of this author. 

I must learn english and japanese. I'll test japanese in december.
Chinese...Chinese.......See you later...
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